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"Brilliant read from start to finish... Hooked  from the beginning... You believe in these characters and all the adventures they embark on... Gripping!"
Kingdom of Salt: Chronicles of Cetaea 1
What if mermaids were real? What if the guy you fall in love with isn't human?

When spoiled rich heiress Ash falls overboard, her life changes forever.

The good news: she’s rescued and saved from drowning. The bad news: she’s now trapped on a desert island with a smouldering stranger who seriously tests her loyalty to her boyfriend.

But there’s more to Finn than meets the eye. He’s a creature of the sea – able to breathe water as easily as he does air.

Suddenly, the world is not as Ash knows it. As it turns out, neither is she.

She’s drawn to Finn in ways she never expected, and he brings out a side of her she never knew she had.

But if they want to be together, they’re going to have to fight for it and change an entire Kingdom.

Is she  prepared to leave everything she knows to follow her heart?

“Brilliant world-building, a paranormal romance with a Twilight feel, loved it!”

 “Great pace, lots of action, and humorous… a really enjoyable read.”

Daughter of Kali: Awakening (book 1)
We all have our demons

Kaz Deva aches to fit in and be normal. But with the unnerving ability to see things that others can’t, ‘normal’ is not an option.

After a shocking confrontation with evil, Kaz is drawn into a dangerous world of myth and magic. An ancient Guild of Warriors fights to keep demons at bay, her mother is harbouring a dark secret, and a Hindu goddess is haunting her dreams. Everything she thought she knew is a lie, except her feelings for a boy she can never have.

As Kaz learns the truth of who she is and where she comes from, something awakens inside her; something cold and ruthless. With the battle between Warriors and demons becoming ever more deadly, Kaz must find a way to survive her destiny and control her supernatural powers before it’s too late.

"If, like me, you can remember when Harry Potter first came out and you thought it a bit odd that it was being read by so many adults, well now I get it. Daughter of Kali (hush - it's teen fiction) is a grippingly, page-turning-ly, catch-your-breath-ly good read."

Daughter of Kali: Unholy Alliance (book 2)
The time of prophecy is near

Sixteen year old Kaz is now a trained Warrior for the secret society known as the Guild. Just like her mother before her. But her mother is dying, and only demonic power can save her. Going against everything the Guild stands for, Kaz must form an uneasy alliance with a Named One.


She also has a goddess on her case. Kali wants her to fulfil a prophecy - only Kaz isn't quite sure what that is.​ Her own power, the bloodthirsty inner voice she calls the other, is getting stronger. And as if that wasn’t enough, her emotions are torn between Darius, the Warrior in love with her best friend; and Jack, dark, brooding, and a bit irritating.


Kaz finds herself navigating a dangerous path at great cost. The lives of those she loves are in danger, and her only hope of saving them is to solve the mystery of the prophecy even if it destroys her.

Daughter of Kali: Infernal Destiny (book 3)
All that has gone before will end in flames

In the grip of an ancient and terrible power, Kaz Deva wreaks unspeakable horrors. Like the goddess Kali before her, her furious bloodlust can only be stopped by someone she loves. Devastated by her actions, she knows she can never atone for what she’s done.

But as she fights to control the ruthless forces within her, the centuries-old battle between demons and Warriors is reaching a climax. The Named Ones want Kaz’s power, and they’ll stop at nothing to get it – with tragic consequences.

In a desperate quest to save her friend, Kaz must find another ancient relic, one that could lead her straight to hell. And in doing so, she begins to unravel the truth about the demons and why they’re here. A truth based on unforgiveable lies and deceit.

Kaz alone can put things right, but only if she has the courage to face up to who she really is and use the dreadful power within her. The price may be too high to pay - even if it means ridding the world of demons once and for all.

Soul Quest - A Fantasy Novella 
Not all adventures start with a bang

Homeless, smelly, and foul-mouthed, Nora is no-one’s idea of a hero. She’d rather be scrounging the price of a nice cup of tea than get involved in any funny business, thank you very much.

But then the Soul Collector comes calling, and Nora has something he wants. It’s her chance to save the world… or at least, someone’s world.

Nora reluctantly agrees to a join a quest in a faraway land. And wherever this place is, with its green sky and fairies and dragons and, oh, yes, an Evil Warlock, it sure as hell ain’t Earth.

Nora’s used to the rough streets of London – but can she survive the magical land of Rathe?

A comic fantasy novella – for fans of Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams and Neil Gaiman.

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